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Interested in overseas mortgages? Whether you’re searching for a beautiful holiday home, refinancing an investment asset in a prime location, or planning to relocate entirely, overseas property mortgages can be a confusing area. Especially if, like most high net worth individuals (HNWIs), you have complex circumstances, such as global income streams.

Fortunately, the brokers at Articus Finance have significant experience in arranging mortgages for property abroad in hotspots around the world, serving a broad spectrum of international HNW clients. No matter where you hold residency, we have the contacts to find a suitable lender to arrange mortgages for overseas property, whether for purchase or refinance.

Can I get a mortgage for my overseas property?

The simple answer is yes, although, it certainly is more complicated.

When searching for international mortgages for property abroad, private bank lenders are often the ideal solution – especially for HNWIs. That’s why we have nurtured private banking contacts in key locations around the world, all of whom have appetites for starting new relationships with global HNWs.

The terms and products available from these lenders will vary hugely, and will always be negotiated on your individual circumstances. As you research overseas mortgages, an Articus broker can provide you with a personalised illustration of what you might expect to achieve.

Where do Articus arrange overseas mortgages?

We have expertise in securing mortgages for overseas properties in a range of locations.  From the Riviera to the United States, we have successfully assisted numerous HNWIs to secure a mortgage to buy property abroad, or refinance an existing asset. Although we are able to arrange lending in a variety of locations, our specialty areas include (but are not limited to):

Overseas mortgages in Monaco: The Principality of Monaco is renowned as a luxury location for HNWIs and their families. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in lifestyle, climate and scenery. Add to that Monaco’s status as a major banking centre with no income tax and low business rates, and the allure of buying property in Monaco is clear. However, arranging mortgages in Monaco is invariably tricky, requiring intimate knowledge of the market and relevant lenders. If you’re searching for a Monaco mortgage on an asset valued over €3 million, our brokers can help.

Overseas mortgages in the South of France: Cannes, Nice, Antibes, Saint-Tropez – the South of France is littered with beautiful and highly desirable locations, drawing HNWIs from around the world. There are some truly stunning properties in the South of France, from bohemian villas to glamorous shoreside apartments. Should you wish to purchase or refinance property in the area, the Articus team can help; we have excellent contacts across the region and can advise on South of France mortgages over €3 million.

Overseas mortgages in Switzerland: Switzerland is highly popular amongst HNWIs, offering an exceptionally high standard of living and beautiful scenery. Combined with its position as a leading financial centre, it’s no surprise that property in Switzerland is considered a strong investment. There are some excellent mortgage deals to be had at present – however, navigating the Swiss market as a foreign investor can be challenging, especially if you are looking for a high loan to value (LTV) mortgage. The Articus team can assist, using our network to arrange mortgages in Switzerland over €3 million.

Overseas mortgages in Luxembourg: Luxembourg may be one of the world’s smallest countries – but with a population that includes residents from over 170 different nations, its international appeal is evident. This cosmopolitan and multilingual location is home to HNWIs from around the globe, and is well known for its safety, culture and high quality of life. With house prices rising year-on-year, it’s a fantastic time to buy property in Luxembourg: our team can assist with mortgages in Luxembourg over €3 million.

Overseas mortgages in the United States: From the buzz of the east coast to the light-filled expanses of California, it’s little wonder so many HNW investors are keen to purchase property in the States. Securing a mortgage, however, can be extremely complicated – especially for international investors and non-residents. Using a private lender is the best route to successfully securing a mortgage; if you’re looking to buy or refinance a property valued over $5 million, the Articus team is ready and waiting to assist you.

I am buying a property abroad - how do I get a mortgage?

Quite simply get in touch, our experienced team of brokers will be happy to chat through your case and advise on the next best steps.

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