Lombard Loans

Are you looking for a Lombard loan? If you have a number of saleable assets then a Lombard loan could be the perfect solution to accessing a quick loan.

A Lombard finance agreement is highly flexible for those who wish to take advantage of their existing assets in order to access finance quickly.

When you take out a Lombard loan, you’ll be able to access additional capital without having to sell any of your existing assets, which means that you can continue to take advantage of the increase in value and earning potential of your assets whilst being able to invest in further properties or assets to extend your current portfolio.

What is a Lombard loan?

A Lombard loan is essentially a loan granted by the bank and secured by some, or all, of the saleable securities held by a client in an account.

In basic terms, it is a loan secured by using assets, or as some within the industry call it, ‘collateral’.

How does a Lombard loan work? 

Lombard lending essentially requires the person borrowing to pledge assets that can be liquidated easily, such as stocks or bonds. This gives the bank some security in the knowledge that assets can quickly be converted and recouped if needed.

A Lombard loan enables you to borrow against assets up to a certain percentage of their market value. The level of these lending value percentages are based on certain criteria, which mainly work around the risk involved and the type of assets proposed. It’s best therefore to use a broker who understands these criteria and can propose the most suited assets to enable access to a Lombard loan.

Why use a Lombard loan?

Lombard loans are a perfect way of creating flexibility with your finances. The very nature of borrowing against your saleable assets means that you can access additional funds in a simple, quick, and convenient way. Lombard Loans offer ultimate flexibility and their use can change during the tenure of the loan, which is perfect for capturing investment opportunities as and when they come along. They offer the opportunity to utilise your existing assets to create further opportunities and investments.

Why use a broker to obtain a Lombard loan?

If you have decided to pursue a Lombard loan, you are likely to benefit from working with an experienced financial broker. Such are the complexities of saleable assets and the potential percentage differences that can be accessed, that it helps to have an expert in the field to help negotiate this minefield.

Approaching an experienced broker such as Articus Finance means that you will benefit from our tailored approach of matching your asset to our network of lenders. Our ability to match your asset to the best fit will enable more preferential terms for you, including a more favourable loan to value ratio and competitive interest rate.

Using our extensive experience and network of industry contacts, we can help you to secure the best terms on a Lombard loan. Even if your financial situation is complex or your assets are varied, we can work with our contacts to ensure that you can access a Lombard loan to suit you.

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