Land Mortgages & Lending on Land

Are you a property developer looking to purchase land? If you require a land mortgage, bridging finance is a useful resource. For property developers who have identified land to purchase as the site of their next project, the freedom and flexibility to move quickly is vital; without access to fast finance, attractive opportunities can be missed.

But as those who have tried to secure loans for land will know, conventional development mortgages aren’t the fastest route forward – particularly if the land doesn’t yet have planning permission. Bridging finance can therefore be invaluable for those requiring loans for land they hope to purchase, even without planning permission in place.

So, whether you’re planning to build residential property or commercial units, speak to a member of the Articus Finance team today to learn more about what you could achieve.

What terms are available for land mortgages?

Bridging finance has a long reputation for being costly – and it’s certainly true that bridging loans are more expensive than other types of finance. However, in recent years, growing competition in an expanding market of lenders has driven down the price of bridging significantly.  

Providing you work with the right broker, you can secure loans for land purchases on excellent terms, positioning yourself to make the most of the opportunity in front of you. Bridging loans can be arranged for up to 24 months in total, with interest rolled into the loan if required. 

At Articus, we can arrange bridging loans for buying land on favourable terms for developers from around the world, with no maximum loan size. Although every case is unique, most lenders offer terms of up to 65% loan to value (LTV) – but we can help you to access even higher LTVs. Crucially, we can help you do this at speed, having previously secured bridging finance in just a few short weeks.

Why should you use a broker to arrange land loans?

Whether or not a piece of land currently has planning permission, securing the appropriate finance to achieve your ambitions will be a crucial step in your development project. And speed is often crucial to capitalise on the opportunity. 

The best way of securing favourable land mortgage terms quickly while avoiding problems is to use an experienced broker with deep market knowledge and fantastic relationships with bridging lenders who offer loans on buying land. 

So, whether you’re planning to build residential property, commercial units, or something else entirely, speak to a member of the team today to learn more about what you could achieve. Once you have purchased the land in question, we can also help refinance you onto the appropriate development finance at a cheaper rate.

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