Partnering with Articus Finance: a guide for introducers

We know that assisting wealthy individuals with their financial transactions can be an intricate task. When a client’s situation is complicated, they usually need highly specialist advice in order to achieve the right result – and during a multi-step process like purchasing property, it’s not hard to see how an entire ecosystem of advisers might become necessary.

We’re therefore very happy to receive referrals from other industry professionals, including but not limited to estate agents, solicitors, tax advisors and accountants. And, as a specialist in complex cases, we’re also keen to hear from other brokers who have been unable to find an appropriate solution and would like to direct their client further.

We have a formal introducer policy that ensures you receive a fee for your referral. Frequently, this leads to the development of long term relationships between our brokers and introducers, meaning we can assist at speed should another complex case cross your path in the future.

If you would like to know more about working as an introducer with Articus Finance, contact us today for an initial chat about our arrangements and how we can work together.

Becoming a trusted partner

Are you a property or financial advice specialist? We regularly work with trusted advisory partners, referring our clients on to receive bespoke advice in the areas of property purchasing, tax, and legal issues, among other things. If you feel your service might be of benefit to our high net worth clients, get in touch to arrange a conversation about how we might work together.

Introducers guide

Proven Expertise

Our specialist mortgage brokers are highly experienced in negotiating the best mortgages and mortgage rates, no matter how complex your situation.

With over 20 years’ combined experience sourcing the best mortgage deals for global clients, our brokers have the skills, knowledge, and lender relationships to turn your property aspirations into a reality. To find out how we do it, explore our case studies.

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