Interest-Only Mortgages

In recent years, it has become much more difficult for borrowers to access interest-only mortgages. But with the right expertise, it’s still possible to secure high value interest-only finance – so if you’re looking for an interest-only mortgage, Articus Finance can assist.

Our brokers have many years’ experience sourcing large interest-only mortgages, enabling us to source you the best deal for your circumstances – whether that’s a high loan to value (LTV) or a low interest-only mortgage rate. We work with high street, specialist and private banks, meaning we leave no stone unturned on the hunt to find you an interest-only mortgage.

What is an interest-only mortgage?

With an interest-only mortgage, your monthly repayments will consist only of the interest on your borrowing, and not the capital. Accordingly, your monthly repayments will typically be smaller than a capital repayment mortgage – as you won’t be paying down the loan. Instead, you will pay back the full amount at the end of your mortgage term.

Typically, interest-only mortgage terms are much shorter; you could expect a term of between five and seven years. At the end of this term, you will need to either repay the loan in full or refinance onto a capital repayment mortgage.

What are the benefits of an interest-only mortgage?

An interest-only mortgage is an ideal option for many high net worth (HNW) borrowers, and for those looking to maintain their liquidity during the life of a loan.

If you have a clear repayment strategy in place for the end of the mortgage term, an interest-only mortgage could help to minimise your monthly payments, giving you lifestyle flexibility or more freedom for other investments.

Why should you use a broker to arrange an interest-only mortgage?

Before the 2008 financial crisis, interest-only mortgages were widely available. Over ten years on, there is a much smaller pool of lenders willing to offer interest-only finance, which means arranging an interest-only mortgage can be challenging.

Even once you’ve found a lender, there are further hurdles to overcome. For example, most lenders will limit the loan-to-value (LTV) available on an interest-only mortgage, with many only prepared to lend you up to 50% of the property’s value. Typically, this means you’ll need a large deposit, or plenty of equity in your property if you’re remortgaging.

The assistance of an experienced broker is invaluable here, not least because some banks only offer interest-only mortgages through intermediaries. A broker can negotiate on your behalf, meaning you could access the best interest-only mortgage deals available from a range of private or investment banks.

We can also help with complex cases, like interest-only mortgages for retired borrowers, or interest-only mortgages for foreign nationals.

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