Development Exit Finance

The process of developing property always throws up certain challenges – but, as experienced developers will know, completing the project is far from the end of the story. Once a development is finished or almost complete, it’s time to start considering your next steps in terms of property finance.

However, the end of a development project often raises further issues or leaves you requiring extra time before committing to your next course of action. For example, you may have started your development project, only for external influencers – like economic or market shifts – to occur outside of your control, making it challenging to sell or make the next move.

It’s rarely the right decision to sell a development under pressure, or simply because of time constraints – and in such circumstances, development exit finance can be a useful tool.

What can development exit finance be used for?

Developer exit loans can be used in a range of situations. Perhaps you’ve come to the end of your existing development finance term just as you approach the close of your project, and your current lender is not willing to extend. Or it may be that you are unhappy with the current terms of your existing development finance, and wish to refinance onto cheaper teams.

Alternatively, if you have finished or nearly completed a development, and require further time before you are ready to sell the properties, a development exit loan might be appropriate. Likewise, if you’re planning to let out the assets in question, but wish to wait before doing this, a development exit loan may be more appropriate than refinancing onto a buy-to-let or commercial mortgage.

Sometimes, development exit finance can even be used to release funds to begin other projects. Whatever your situation, Articus Finance can help you find the best option.

Arranging development exit loans

As with all forms of development finance, you will need to be ready to share information about your own background, the project, and detailed financials. Development exit finance is a relatively new product on the market, and is not available from all lenders. Terms will also vary: interest rates, payments, and fee structures for development exit finance is generally negotiated on a bespoke basis.

Whatever your aspirations, we have excellent working relationships with lenders who can offer development exit finance on residential, semi-commercial and commercial projects. Speak to an Articus broker to learn more about the possibilities.

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