Buy to Let Mortgages For Foreign Nationals

At Articus Finance, we regularly source buy to let mortgages for non-UK residents or citizens, as well as residential finance. The UK property market is renowned the world over for its security – and while fluctuations influenced by political and economic events might strike British nationals as drastic, on the world stage, the fact remains that the UK is a very stable economy, with a safe political landscape. Here is one example of how we secured a buy-to-let mortgage for a foreign national.

As such, many foreign nationals from around the world are keen to buy property in the UK. But if you’re a non resident looking to invest in the UK rental market, it can be difficult to know where to start – especially when it comes to property finance.

Buy to let mortgages for foreign nationals is a confusing area, as many mainstream lenders aren’t willing to work with foreign nationals who are non UK residents, while others will have strict and confusing regulations.

Can a foreign national get a mortgage in the UK buy to let market?

If you’re a foreign national looking to invest in the UK rental market, you may not be sure what restrictions you will face. The good news is that non residents can and regularly do invest in UK rental property. While it is certainly more complicated than it is for British nationals, there are no insurmountable barriers.

Of course, it’s certainly easier for some nationalities to invest in the UK buy to let market than others. For example, American nationals may find it much simpler to purchase and finance property in the UK, because of common regulations, cultural similarities, and even practical issues like similar time zones. Banks are also more adept at dealing with such applicants.

Yet with the right help, there are no limits to who can invest in the UK rental market - even if you are a non resident. Articus brokers have secured buy to let mortgages for clients from around the world, including America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Our blog goes into further detail on how we can secure buy-to-let mortgages for foreign nationals.

Why should you use a broker for foreign national mortgages?

There are many complexities to navigate when it comes to arranging a buy to let mortgage in the UK as a foreign national. As with anybody applying for buy to let finance, you’ll need to undergo application processes such as money laundering checks to prove your source of wealth. We can explain and guide you through the process, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

It’s also true that the best mortgage deals for foreign nationals can usually be achieved by those who are able to negotiate with the right lenders. Foreign nationals seeking large mortgages may have complex financial backgrounds, so mainstream lenders are unlikely to be a good fit.

That’s why we’ve developed relationships with global lenders, private banks, and those with an appetite for niche lending. We also have a strong network of industry contracts who work in areas like law and tax – so we can refer you to the right people at the right time, ensuring your application is in the safest hands.

Finally, here is another example of how we secured a buy-to-let mortgage for a foreign national.


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